Why I Love Physical Books: Reason 1,367

Last weekend, at a gymnastics meet, I saw a baby playing with a Kindle, swiping, or trying to swipe, the pages of an e-book. She was sitting on her mother’s lap, dragging her chubby fingers across the screen, occasionally having some luck. It was the most adorable thing to watch, and I leaned over to tell her mother so. We exchanged a few sentences about children and how they take to electronic devices, and then the mother uttered words that took me by surprise: Continue reading “Why I Love Physical Books: Reason 1,367”

Sharing Middle Earth

The most memorable moments in your life aren’t always the ones you think they’ll be.

Sometime in 2000, I took my children to see a movie. We were sitting through umpteen trailers when an image of a mountain pass appeared and crossing it, single file, there they were: characters I knew so well but had never expected to see on film: the Fellowship of the Ring. I practically leapt out of my seat (actually, I may have). Continue reading “Sharing Middle Earth”

The Problem With Platitudes

I’m thinking that the problem with platitudes is they’re impossible to live by.

They have the ring of truth. They’re obvious, seem profound, and address the struggles we fight every day.

Why yes, I think when I read Live each moment as if it were your last. What sage advice! Or Carpe diem — of course! I’ve got to seize the day! That’s it! As soon as I take care of the things I have to do, like clean out the litter box or run to the grocery store, I am going to live in the moment and grab life by the horns. Continue reading “The Problem With Platitudes”

The Things I’ve Never Noticed

I’m thinking about new ways of looking at the familiar.

Last week, my husband and I took a hike in Valley Forge Park, one of our favorite places to walk. Usually we stick to the Joseph Plumb Martin Trail, a 5-mile paved loop around the park. It’s scenic, it’s comfortable, it’s familiar. But this time, we ventured into the woods, up the steep, rocky path of Mount Joy, and I lost my bearings. What was known became unknown. Continue reading “The Things I’ve Never Noticed”

A Sense of Community

I’m a “music mom.”

By my count, over the years I have watched my children perform in more than 14 school musicals, 52 school concerts, and four years worth of band cavalcades and marching band half-time shows. Add to that years of semi-annual voice, piano, and cello recitals and you’ll understand why I say I feel as if I’ve spent a quarter of my life sitting on unforgiving auditorium seats. Continue reading “A Sense of Community”