The Problem With Platitudes

I’m thinking that the problem with platitudes is they’re impossible to live by.

They have the ring of truth. They’re obvious, seem profound, and address the struggles we fight every day.

Why yes, I think when I read Live each moment as if it were your last. What sage advice! Or Carpe diem — of course! I’ve got to seize the day! That’s it! As soon as I take care of the things I have to do, like clean out the litter box or run to the grocery store, I am going to live in the moment and grab life by the horns.
Though they’re meant to be uplifting, platitudes so often bring me down.

I started thinking about this because recently I saw a beautiful poster full of the types of platitudes that immediately make me feel as if I’m living my life entirely wrong. And I started feeling guilty and apologetic. And I started feeling a lot of pressure. I have to get this poster, I thought. I have to hang it on the wall near my computer and pay heed to it every day. Then every moment of my life will have meaning which is important because life is short.

The truth is it’s not that simple. The truth is that the “truth” offered by most platitudes is unrealistic or impossible to achieve. The truth is that real life often gets in the way of living those platitudes. The truth is platitudes annoy the hell out of me. I guess the truth is, I’m just not a platitudes person.

I’ve decided I need a new platitude to hang near my computer.

I’m thinking of going with this:

Don’t let the platitudes get you down.

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